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Tarot the Chariot and the wheel of Fortune



limited edition

In 2006 the company Visconti of Florence commissioned some heraldic researches on the Visconti family, who dominated the Italian Middle Ages from 1250 till the Renaissance when they finally united with another important dynasty the Sforzas.

When Bianca Maria Visconti married Francesco Sforza a still unknown artist was commissioned a pack of tarots that took the same name of this important family. Nowadays Viscontis’ tarots are to us among the oldest known, although incomplete we can still admire the original packs at the Pierpont Morgan Library of New York or other private collections.

The collection tarots editor Scarabeo of Turin has recently restored and re-edited this famous pack in a gold leaves illuminated edition.

Being informed of this event, Visconti of Florence wanted to celebrate it in order to remember its historical origins with a fountain pen set limited to just 78 exemplars (the number of the cards present in a tarot pack).

For this pen edition Visconti asked their artist and Maki-e painter, Oshita, to reproduce some of the most famous and well-known major arcana on the fountain pen cap and section.

And the result was an absolutely extraordinary collection, not just for the beauty of the Renaissance miniatures, but also for Oshita-san’s great talent. His tarot reproductions show his incredible, astonishing artistic skills, for which he is known as one of the most expert and unique painters of the Japanese technique called Maki-e.